How X is Building a More Secure and Safer Environment: From Free to Fee The social media network


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Social Media Community X, which was once known as Twitter, has started to charge new, unverified users an annual subscription fee of $1. The goal of this action is to lessen abuse and spam on the network.

Social networking platforms have long been plagued by spam and abuse, and X is no exception. Spam accounts can be used to annoy other users, disseminate false information, and promote scams. Violent threats, doxing, and hate speech are examples of abuse.

With the new subscription cost, X intends to discourage abusers and spammers from registering accounts on the site. The price, according to the corporation, is required to defray the costs of combating spam and abuse.

Reactions to the decision to impose a subscription fee have been conflicting. The change has drawn criticism from some users who claim it establishes a two-tiered structure and makes it harder for users from low-income nations to access the platform. Some have defended the action, claiming that it is an essential step in the fight against spam and bots.

It’s too soon to tell if the new subscription cost will have an impact on X’s spam and abuse rates. But it’s evident that the business is committed to solving these problems.


    • Less spam and abuse: If new, unverified accounts are charged for, spammers and other abusers may find it less profitable to register accounts on the network.
    • Enhanced revenue: X may receive additional income from the subscription charge, which it might utilize to fund platform enhancements and the fight against spam and abuse.
    • Better user experience: Everyone on the platform may have a better experience if spam and abuse are reduced.


    • Two-tiered structure: It includes the possibility of a two-tiered structure where verified users have more access than unverified users if fees are charged for new, unverified accounts.
    • Reduced accessibility: Those from low-income nations may find it more challenging to use the platform as a result of the subscription price.
    • Negative effect on user growth: Users may be less likely to register for accounts on the platform if they are unwilling to pay the price. This might make X less competitive in the social media space.

Overall, there are mixed benefits and drawbacks to X charging $1 annually for new, unverified customers. While it’s possible that the cost could lessen accessibility and lead to a two-tiered structure, it’s also likely that it will help minimize spam and abuse on the site. It will take time to determine whether the fee is successful.

It’s also crucial to remember that the subscription cost is not too high, so most customers should be able to afford it. Even yet, there’s a chance that some customers won’t want to pay the cost, particularly if they come from underdeveloped nations.

Consequences of the increased membership cost

There could be a lot of effects from the new subscription price on X and its users.

On the one hand, the charge might contribute to a decrease in spam and abuse of the site. Since financial gain is a common motivation for spammers and abusers, charging a fee can deter them from creating and maintaining fictitious accounts.

However, the charge can potentially result in a two-tiered structure, giving confirmed users more access than unverified ones. This can make it harder for new users to engage with the community and might result in more censoring.

Furthermore, the price might hinder X’s ability to attract new users. Users may be less likely to register for accounts on the site if they are unwilling to pay the cost. This might make X less competitive in the social media space.

In the end, how X’s new subscription fee is put into practice and upheld will determine its success. The business will have to carefully balance keeping the platform open and accessible while cutting down on spam and abuse.


Although the corporation feels that it is vital to combat spam and abuse, the new subscription cost for X is a contentious decision. Although it is unclear if the charge will have an impact, it is obvious that the business is committed to solving these problems.

It will be up to the users to determine if they are willing to pay the charge in order to utilize X. While some users could be unwilling to pay the charge and might opt to use other social media platforms in its place, others might think that it is a good investment in order to improve their user experience.


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